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As I Scrolled Through These 45 Photos, One Thing Became Very Clear. And Everyone Should See It.

published 2 months ago


The world isn’t always fair. In fact, there are many, many times when it’s unfair and it feels like other people are out to get you. That’s why it’s important to remember the positive parts of life when you can. Take, for example, these random acts of kindness.

Complete strangers helped each other out for no reason other than to be good people. This is the sort of kindness that really renews your faith in the world and other people. As you scroll through these, it’ll become very clear that the world isn’t the bad place some people try to make it out to be…

(H/T Epic Dash)

Don’t let this world get you down. There are plenty of good people out there who would help you if you stumbled. Feel good about other people and share this article – it’ll spread the happiness. And make sure to like us on Facebook to read photo stories like this one every day.

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